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How my life after law started.


Mark Ford

Mark Ford

My Life After Law started after a 29 year career in the Magistrates courts in the United Kingdom. My chosen area of the law was in licencing law, I had found my niche and was really enjoying my chosen career path.

I was fortunate in working for Her Majesty's government in that my job was reasonably secure and the benefits were great. However the salary I was earning was not the greatest in the world, but I had a regular monthly income guaranteed. I was also fortunate in that my job was a regular 9 to 5 job, working 5 days a week, unlike many of my colleagues in private practice. Let's be frank here, the law is rather precise and methodical and although as qualified lawyers we are given quite a large amount of status in society, the practice of law is not as glamorous or as exciting as what is portrayed in the movies or on television.

So there I was all set up in my career and as per the norm, viewed as being a successful and valuable member of society. But I was unhappy.

The factors that influenced change.

My Divorce.

Yes, my name was added to the divorced lawyer statistics. I had started my legal career after leaving school with my 'O' levels. So to advance my career I studied part time to obtain my 'A' levels and then my Diploma in Law and the common Professional examinations. Therefore I can empathise with you in private practice having to honour family commitments and work the long hours demanded.

I had married in 1985 and my son was born in 1988 and as far as I was concerned we were doing well. My studies and job during the day were taking me away from my family for long hours, but I was of the view that I was doing all this work for them and our lives would be brilliant after all the studying was done. However this placed a huge strain on our relationship and in 1993 we were divorced.

I fell off the rails for a while. I was due to write the bar exam that year and quite frankly I failed dismally. I was in a world of hurt and fought depression, too much party and blaming every other circumstance other than myself. Fortunately this was short lived and waking up one morning, with the clarity of thought and clear reasoning we as lawyers obtain in our training, accepted that I was my own worst enemy and I still had responsibility for my life as well as that of my son and put my head down and passed my bar exam and was accepted as a solicitor in 1994. Whilst in this emotional state I blamed my career as the cause of my problems and the I thought to leave the law behind, but I was still passionate about the law and our training kicked in and so I finished what I had started.

Changes in the licencing law.

As mentioned before my chosen speciality and passion was in licencing law. However the government in their wisdom decided to devolve licencing away from the Magistrate court jurisdiction to Local Authority jurisdiction. So suddenly my passion and 'secure' career was gone. I then found myself sidelined and effectively became an overqualified clerk, doing statistical work and not being able to practice the law.

The death of my father.

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer and in 2006 lost his fight with the disease. This was a hard blow as we were close and I am forever grateful to the charity who helped both my dad and myself during this difficult period. I resolved to make donations on a regular basis to the organisation as, in my point of view, they help people in this difficult situation and without their counseling I would have been a complete wreck.

After my father passed away I then took a leave of absence. Suddenly my position was not a good one, I was effectively a divorced, unhappy lawyer in a dead end not earning very well. What now? I seriously needed to take a good hard long look at myself in the mirror and make some very serious choices. Is there a life after law I was now asking myself, I did a lot of soul searching, research and talked to quite a few colleagues the answer YES THERE IS!

My first venture.

Life After LawThis actually happened whilst I was practicing law. It all came about when I was on holiday with my brother and a friend. Having spent so much time working and with my nose in the books, I had lost touch with one of my great enjoyments music. We then came up with the idea of starting an entertainment business on the side. My financial commitments were such that with maintenance payments, daily living expenses and also wanting to donate to my charity I was scraping the barrel. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and away we went. Having worked the long hours whilst studying it was relatively easy way to carry on with what I had already been doing. We were quite successful with our venture, the most notable event we did was to do the entertainment for Ozzy Osborne's 50th birthday. We had resolved that after 1000 performances we would close our business down and this coincided with the law changes and the passing of my father. So again I was suddenly faced with my finances being a struggle. But I had, had my first inkling that a life after law was possible.

Yet again I found myself at a crossroad. Career wise the rug had effectively been pulled out from under me and so during my leave of absence I applied our training and re assessed where I stood. There are many websites dedicated to alternative careers for lawyers, but I generally found that they were offering careers within the law, albeit in different areas of the law. My speciality was within licencing law and there really was nothing on offer and I had become a bit of a white elephant. There were choices available in family law and other areas but they did not 'light my fire'. An entrepreneurial seed had germinated within, after the entertainment business venture and this started to bloom.

My personal circumstances were also changing in that my mom was getting frail and I felt it necessary to be on hand to look after her as she had when I was young. After a long hard look at where I was positioned and careful analysis of my circumstances I reached the decision, that in all fairness I did not want to be a overqualified clerk in the 9 to 5 drudge earning a monthly paycheck and being ineffective. I did a great deal of research and considered many options, I reached the conclusion that working from home would be my best option. So I bit the bullet and resigned my position. I could say here that I was privileged enough to 'FIRE THE BOSS!'

"Turn your dead ends into freeways!"

Having come to the decision to leave law behind and to become an entrepreneur, I looked at available options. At the time the property market was buoyant and so I formed a property development, investment, management and option business in partnership with a friend in the property business. The market deflated somewhat but in all honesty we have always viewed this business as a medium to long term enterprise. we have managed to build a portfolio of 21 properties. A huge bonus of being a solicitor has been that I am able to handle all the contracts that we deal with to the mutual advantage of the business and the contractors and tenants. The property business allowed me the freedom to work from home, but it is a 'brick and mortar' business and dealing with the contracts and problems caused me to have to be on site to quite a large extent.

Having sorted the medium and long term business requirements I then needed a short term income solution. After much searching and research I found Internet Marketing. The opportunities are vast in this market. Initially i become an affiliate marketer and learnt how to sell online. This helped fill the short term gap in my income and with the diligence we lawyers apply to all our tasks I was able to start showing a return within 4 months of getting involved.

We lawyers have an innate desire to help others and see justice prevail and so after 10 years in the business, I have become a mentor to many successful entrepreneurs. This is a niche that I have found for myself and I love to be able to pass the knowledge on to you.

My Life After Law

If anyone had approached me 10 years ago and told me that I could have a successful Life After Law. I would have scoffed at them, but I can state unequivocally that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. By being involved in internet marketing I have been able, as a single entity, to create a business with a global impact. I have been able to travel the world following the English cricket team and have a level of freedom that I can work from anywhere in the world, via the internet. At the time of writing I have a house in Cyprus as well as the United kingdom and am free to alternate between the two, when I am not travelling.

A Life After Law

You too can have a Life After Law. You as a lawyer are uniquely equipped to be successful in any endeavour. During your years of training you are equipped with a huge skill set and a clarity of thought that allows you to be able to turn your hand to anything you wish. Furthermore you are never too old to start over, the proof is in the pudding I started along this road at the age of 46.

Wanting to live your dream? Please schedule a skype call with me and we can discuss some options to suit your needs and help you fulfil your  dreams and ambitions.

Life After Law - Mark Ford

Cheers to your new Life After Law

Wishing you a successful future Life after law.

Mark Ford

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