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unhappy lawyer

Unhappy Lawyer Turned Happy Former Lawyer

Break The Unhappy Lawyer ‘Syndrome”   I very definitely was an unhappy lawyer, although it took me a number of years to realise this (25 to be exact). I left school with my ‘O’ levels as I could not see how calculus and related subjects were going to fit into any career that I had…

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quitting law

Quitting Law The lawyer’s Conundrum

Quitting Law The Option Many Lawyers Consider.   Should I be practicing or quitting law? This is a question that we are faced with as lawyers at some point or other in our careers. To many of us we are fed up with the law because we have had a bad day at the office…

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leave law behind

Why Many Lawyers Choose To Leave Law Behind

Leave Law Behind! Break Free Now! “I have decided to┬áLeave Law Behind and change my career.” The astonishment and amazement amongst friends and family is huge,when you make this announcement. The first question invariably is “why are you going to leave law behind?” The perception is that as a lawyer you are in a high…

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