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i don't want to be a lawyer anymore

I Don’t Want To Be A Lawyer Anymore! A Lawyer Reinvented.

I Don’t Want To Be A Lawyer Anymore, Are There Alternatives I Can Explore?   I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore is normally a slow, accumulative realisation that builds over time, although many times we will claim a single event was our eureka or ‘aha’ moment. In my view that ‘moment’ we experience is, as…

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unhappy lawyer

Unhappy Lawyer Turned Happy Former Lawyer

Break The Unhappy Lawyer ‘Syndrome”   I very definitely was an unhappy lawyer, although it took me a number of years to realise this (25 to be exact). I left school with my ‘O’ levels as I could not see how calculus and related subjects were going to fit into any career that I had…

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