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lawyer turned entrepreneur

A Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Story

A Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Some Questions and Answers   I am a Lawyer turned entrepreneur and if you had asked me or told me that I would be an entrepreneur 10 years ago I would have laughed at you. I became an entrepreneur after a 29 year career working in the Magistrates Courts in the…

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quitting law

Quitting Law The lawyer’s Conundrum

Quitting Law The Option Many Lawyers Consider.   Should I be practicing or quitting law? This is a question that we are faced with as lawyers at some point or other in our careers. To many of us we are fed up with the law because we have had a bad day at the office…

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alternatives to law

Alternatives To Law

Are There Any Viable Alternatives To Law? I Am Fed Up With Being A Lawyer.   There are many viable¬†alternatives to law¬†for those qualified lawyers who are perhaps fed up with the practice of law. As a qualified lawyer you are uniquely positioned to be able to do just about anything. This may sound surprising…

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