Below I have listed a number of business solutions that you may wish to look at as viable options after deciding that quitting law is the route you are going to take. I am of the view that we are ideally suited to become entrepreneurs and I personally decided to "fire the legal boss" and become my own boss. You too can do this and work in an environment where your talents are put to best use, for your own advantage and become self sufficient.

The options listed below are ones that I am personally involved with and have found success with.



quitting law.com affiliate sales solution pageThis is the sale of an product from a third party to another party via the internet. This can be anything from Airline tickets to Zeppelin excursions. You would join the third party's affiliate program and earn a commission for the sales you achieve of their product, the customer is sent direct to the third party site and all sales, payments and deliveries are effected by the third party. You receive a commission from each successful sale.

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quitting law.com blogger solutions pageAre you passionate about something? You can create a blog around your passions and interests and earn money in the process. As a blogger you can blog about anything from Aviation to Zebra breeding (huh!), the sky is the limit. With most activities you do on the internet, blogging is one of the most popular means of connecting with and engaging an audience.

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quittinglaw.com create your own business solution page

Do you have a business idea? Whether it's a global, national or local business, join a community of like minded people. Get a headstart in setting your business up. Looking to learn the ropes or find someone to mentor you helping you to avoid the many pitfalls that hinder your progress.

I successfully created my internet marketing business through the six figure mentors program. I recommend when looking for an alternative to law joining the six figure mentor community.

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quittinglaw.com property investment solution


Building a property portfolio with a team of professional property managers and contractors can help to create a monthly cash flow and residual income. This can be done as a work from home business.

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Amazon Affiliate
Clickbank affiliate
Copy this idea
Six Figure Mentors
Utility Warehouse (U.K. only)
Become a Blogger
Mark Mentor Me
Membership Options
Property Investment options