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Quitting Law The lawyer’s Conundrum

Quitting Law The Option Many Lawyers Consider.


Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Should I be practicing or quitting law? This is a question that we are faced with as lawyers at some point or other in our careers. To many of us we are fed up with the law because we have had a bad day at the office and been bawled out by the boss or an irate client, but you still want to be a lawyer, then suck it up and stay where you are.

If, however, you are no longer in love with being a lawyer and find yourself 'boxed in' with the weight of the world on your shoulders then quitting law is an option to seriously consider. Many of us became lawyers for various reasons, such as the status in society, being 'pushed' into law by our parents, because being a drummer in a rock band is not a 'real' job, wanting to make a mark and see justice prevail or simply because it was study law or nothing.

It always amazes me that family, friends and the man in the street perceive lawyers as 'demi gods' so to speak. Many seem to have this knight in shining armour belief in our powers to right all the injustices in the world.

However the reality of the law is, it is slow, methodical and quite frankly boring. Whether you like it or not, as lawyers we are in general in a combative situation all the time. From the start of our studies and onwards we are are encouraged to fight for everything. Even as a Magistrates Court solicitor I was always fighting for the rule of law. This will naturally increase the stress levels in ourselves without doubt. As a lawyer we get to see the seedy side of life on a continual basis. I spent a few years of my career in family law and it was extremely wearing on me to see how harsh spouses could be on each other and to see the suffering of the families and especially the children. This quite frankly wore me down, having also spent a bit of time in the criminal law side where I was fortunate enough to deal more with implementation and liaison of asset recovery from criminals was also extremely wearing. The saving grace for myself was that working for the government I was able to move through various areas of the law. I was fortunate to find my niche in licensing law and my future seemed set.

The bright shiny new toy lost its sheen. The practice of licencing law is just as mundane as any other form of law. We get to tick all the right boxes and if they are not met then you don't get your licence. As in any practice of the law you have to dot the i's and cross the t's if you don't do this then you lose as simple as that. The saving grace for myself with licencing law was that I got to do many site visits and had interaction with others. But at the end of the day the law is the law and there really was no room for me to use my judgement in certain areas, it was clear cut in black or white and that was it. So you then suddenly find yourself running along a train track with no room for deviation and you are doing the same thing day after day and quite frankly it becomes extremely boring to say the least. It takes a brave person to recognise the fact and come to the realisation that we are in a rut and then the idea of quitting law becomes a thought.

But we are our own worst enemies as we have spent a lot of money in getting where we are, invested huge amounts of time and have fought very hard to be where we are now. So although the thought of quitting law is there, we in general do not act upon it. Since we believe we are most definitely stuck and must grind out our days until we can retire and leave law behindThere are many lawyers who have found alternatives to law and are leading a successful life after law, I am one who can be counted in these numbers.


Quitting law - What I did

As I mentioned above my career seemed pretty secure, but then the blow fell. The government changed the licencing legislation and devolved the responsibility away from the Magistrates Courts to the Local Authorities. So the proverbial rug had been pulled out from under me. I was then given a desk in an office in a little corner and effectively became a clerk working on statistics after being in law for 29 years. So not only was I in a dead end but I was not even practicing as a Solicitor. The choice then became stay where I was and drag out the next 15 years of my career stuck in a dead end slogging out my existence as a clerk, doing a mind numbing and soul destroying menial task. This was not for me!

At base level, we lawyers, are entrepreneurs our training directs us in this direction. Our competitive nature as well as our clear and logical approach give us the edge over most and we are ideally suited for business (although we won't admit it). I have become an entrepreneur and in particular a home business lifestyle coach where I mentor people like you who want to fulfill their dreams. I have been at this for 10 years and achieved a large amount of success.

quitting law

Stuck in a rut

Quitting law - Closing Remarks.

Quitting law is possible but thinking about it and staying where you are, you are then 'happy with being unhappy'. It is absolutely possible for you to change your circumstances reach for your dreams and achieve them, by taking action. I sincerely hope that after reading this you have found information to assist you.


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Wishing you all future success.

Mark Ford

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