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Mark Ford

Mark Ford

My life after being a lawyer started when I decided to 'fire the boss' just over 10 years ago now. I am now a lawyer turned entrepreneur and can categorically state that I have no regrets in quitting law. I would ,however, from the outset like to point out that starting a life after being a lawyer is a bit like starting a life after divorce. You wake up the next day and suddenly realise that you are all alone and do not really have to fill any obligations. Being one of the divorced lawyer statistics I know this feeling all too well.

Whatever your reason is in deciding to leave law behind and let's be frank with each other there is a whole bag full of reasons, in choosing a life after law  you will need a plan and a purpose. We also have a certain mindset and the law is extremely rigid in its ways which we also unconsciously adopt in our lives. The natural pessimism and the perfectionism that we have adopted are probably the biggest obstacles we need to overcome in choosing a life after being a lawyer.

I am considering quitting law but then what?

The positive side of being a lawyer is, whether you believe this or not, we are equipped with a huge armoury of skills that are sought after in the business world. All the research, negotiating, writing, debating and public speaking skills learnt through our journey in studying and practicing law are the very tools that are needed in any form of business. The biggest asset we have however in my mind is our ability to assimilate large amounts of information and form a clear and logical picture of where we are positioned.

These above skills as already mentioned are sought after, even as general life skills, if you have the time go and do some research( yes put that skill to the test) and have a look at how many lawyers are CEO's or senior management in many companies and they are not practicing law and very definitely living a life after being lawyer. This however is all fine and good if you want to change from the law, but still be beholden to a boss working your way up the corporate ladder still stuck in a suit(yuck), in the 9 to 5 work rut and absolutely loving the amazing daily commute.

On the other hand these same skills can be employed to your advantage. What am I saying? become an entrepreneur! "Me a lawyer turned turned entrepreneur" you say. Well absolutely I say consider this, there are many former lawyers who are very successful entrepreneurs, I am one of this number and what made this happen? Well the very skills I have spoken about above. What would you consider doing? Well the choices are wide and varied anything from Albacore fishing to Zucchini growing. "But what suits me specifically" is running through your mind, well the answer to that is 'relatively simple.' Before law 'got in the way' and yes narrowed your world to the law not allowing any outside distractions you had other interests and passions. You would need to explore these again and blow the 'embers back to life.' So just as you found your speciality in law so you can find your speciality as an entrepreneur.

Live your life, make your own choices.

A life after being a lawyer what must I change?

Your biggest change is going to be your mindset and acceptance that you are allowed to fail as an entrepreneur. If in doubt ask someone you are allowed this option as well. Find a mentor(me, me, pick me) to show you the ropes and help you avoid the pitfalls and false starts you may or may not encounter in starting your business venture.

My first venture into entrepreneurial life was in property(still involved by the way), but I realised that my knowledge was limited and so I went into this business with an experienced partner and she has been my mentor in the property business and we have a portfolio of 21 properties. I do well remember the first contract I handled with a contractor. We wanted a house painted and he handed me a two page contract. I took this home and looked at it and it seemed very inadequate to my lawyers mind so I applied what I believed necessary to protect our business and also help the contractor cover himself(nice fellow) so the two page document became a 15 page epic. When I presented this to the contractor and he saw 'domicilium citandi et executandi' his eye went and round as saucers and his first words were 'blimey mate all I want to do is paint the house' and he was then wanting to get his solicitor to 'interpret' the contract.

Needless to say this was a huge eye opener for me and I very quickly came to the realisation that to get the job done in the quickest possible time and at a reasonable price we needed to use the abbreviated contract and negotiate with the contractor and amend the existing document to suit our needs. The bottom line is the long and perfect agreement with contractors is not a wise route to follow.

We also need to change our pessimistic, worst case scenario, outlook to a more optimistic outlook. This is something that is a radical change but, believe me, this is where you are then able to see opportunities where you would normally see stop signs. This fundamental change will also allow you to get out of the present circumstances you find yourself in, believing that you are stuck as a lawyer and cannot break out of where you are.

Turn stop signs into opportunities.

A life after being a lawyer, what it did for me.

My field of choice is to mentor people like yourself and show you the opportunities available to you and see you succeed in whatever you decide to do. This has allowed me to build a global business from home and be my own boss. The greatest escape for myself was the SUIT AND TIE and the commute to and from work. Working for yourself does require a great deal of discipline and work, but quite honestly I am free to work the hours I choose and actually do the work at the times when I am at my most productive ( I work at my most optimum from mid morning into the early evening,TRY AND GET THAT PAST YOUR BOSS!).

I am now in the position where I own my own house in the United Kingdom and one in Cyprus and I have the luxury of being able to 'commute' between the two. As a mentor and with the group I am involved with I also get to indulge my travel bug. I get to spend time speaking at getaways around the world last year I was in Bali and Las Vegas as well as in the United Kingdom.

An article by former U.K. solicitor, Mark Ford on a life after being a lawyer.

Me at Kingsmead cricket stadium Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa after the test series

One of my favorite pastimes is watching and following the English cricket team. Since I have started working from home with my global business I have been to Australia and South Africa following the matches live at the various stadia in the respective countries. I even joined the Barmy army whilst in South Africa. I was able to take an extra week 'off' in South Africa and go on a mini safari.

My business has also allowed me to make charitable donations, to the charity that helped my family and myself when my father lost his fight to cancer. I am also able to spend more time with my son and family as I can work my business schedule around my family commitments.

A life after being a lawyer - closing thoughts

If you are looking for a life after being a lawyer, you will need to look at making some mindset adjustments but they are entirely possible and feasible. As lawyers we have a large array of skills that are essential to success in whatever field we choose to become involved in. You will however need to take action if you want to change the circumstances you are currently in. The good news however, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

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Wishing you all success in your life after law.

Mark Ford

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