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Are There Any Viable Alternatives To Law? I Am Fed Up With Being A Lawyer.


Mark Ford

Mark Ford

There are many viable alternatives to law for those qualified lawyers who are perhaps fed up with the practice of law. As a qualified lawyer you are uniquely positioned to be able to do just about anything.

This may sound surprising to you but let's take a few minutes to have a look at the unique skill set with which we are equipped.

Our unique skill set

So then what is the unique skill set with which we are equipped. Remember starting your law degree what was the first thing thrown at you? BOOKS, BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS and then a library card. Why? We needed to do RESEARCH! and there is our first strength we can research most anything very thoroughly. Therefore we are then uniquely placed to be able to COLLECT AND ANALYSE ALL THE INFORMATION from our research. Once we have done our research and analysis of the information we have collected we can then weigh up the PRO'S AND CON'S involved. From this we are then able to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY by way of a LOGICAL ARGUMENT and reach a well REASONED CONCLUSION from the facts we have gathered. A lawyer will always have DISCRETION, remember we are sworn to lawyer client privilege. I think that we are also well equipped in that we can HANDLE AND WORK UNDER PRESSURE, remember the deadlines we must meet, as well as having to do, find information and do things very quickly. Because of this we are also gifted with a REMARKABLE MEMORY, we need this to handle the work we do especially when we are faced with a seeming curve ball thrown at us, but in general we have the ability to relate the problem to a similar case.

So there you go, these skill sets are given to all lawyers. We do however apply them differently in the workplace and yes we do also use these skills to find our particular niche or speciality in our chosen field of speciality in the law.

The good news.

These skill sets that we have naturally acquired whilst studying and practicing law are a very valuable commodity and will stand you in good stead when looking for alternatives to law. Think about this many successful large corporations have their senior management or owners who are ex lawyers. Consider the fact that many of the same corporations hire a law firm to look over their acquisition of other companies as well as their new product ideas, why? Because of the unique skill set and the lawyers ability to sort the 'wheat from the chaff'. Consider this, how many mergers, acquisitions and new products have not been done on the say so or advice from the lawyers employed to look at the scenario? I will leave you to answer that.

If you like working in a corporate environment, still wanting the suit and tie and in general long working hours then work in the corporate world is an option for you. There are many and varied positions available for you to choose from for example company secretary, managing director or member of the board. but in many cases you will have to work into the position from a senior management position.

Fields of employment can vary from banking, insurance, real estate, mediation and many other choices. There is also the option of looking at law related positions such as being a paralegal, arbitrator and so on. But quite honestly if you are unhappy as a lawyer I personally would look at getting away from the law completely.


 Alternatives to law - My choices

My decision to seek alternatives to law happened in 2006 with the passing of my father and my career in the Magistrates Courts hitting a sudden dead end due to the government changing legislation that made my position redundant. I was entirely disillusioned and had been granted an extended leave of absence. I put the time to good use and using our unique skill set re-evaluated my position.

As I have stated above I was disillusioned, bored and frustrated with law and I was most definitely not going to move myself from one miserable legal career to another. I then began to explore alternatives to law, were they possible and what would best suit my talents. I was fortunate in that I had, had a taste of a life after law as I had been involved in an entertainment business with my brother and a friend after hours whist working as a lawyer. This gave me a glimmer of hope that I could choose to leave law behind

In all honesty I wanted to shuck the exoskeleton(a suit and tie) get comfortable and be my own boss. This was a freedom that I knew was for me. I am of the opinion that your law degree studies and working as a lawyer set you up to make a success as an entrepreneur as we are uniquely equipped to deal with anything thrown at us. Working for yourself enables you to work your optimum hours when you are at your most productive.

After many hours researching the various options available, my first choice was to get into the property market in partnership with a good friend of mine. The market was buoyant at the time and the prospect were very good all the projections I found were for good solid growth in the market unfortunately the market took a downswing against all projections so we have this as a medium to long term investment. We currently have a portfolio of 21 properties and we are holding our own. Having qualified as a solicitor has stood me in good stead here as I am able to negotiate favourable terms in contracts both with the banks, tenants and contractors. The one drawback with the property business as although I work from home I am still tied to one location and my desire to get out about is limited, although my partner does take on a large amount of the work now.

My real breakthrough came about after ongoing research I found a 'beast' called internet marketing and this has allowed me to create a global business that is location independent. The particular niche in this market that I have found that suits me to the ground is mentoring people like you in starting your own global business, whatever that may be.

I have now been 'out of the law' for 10 years and can say that I have been successful in my endeavours, to the extent that I now effectively commute between my house in Cyprus and the United Kingdom, when I am not travelling the world following the English cricket team(one of my dreams).

Alternatives to law - Final thoughts

Our training as lawyers does have one drawback in that it makes us into natural pessimists and we have a tendency to look at the worst case in every instance and yes this also translates into our everyday lives. A quick example of this is I recently had a stiff back and thought that the worst had happened and I had a slipped disc, I however went to see the Doctor and it turned out that it was from sleeping in a strange bed at a friends house which had caused muscle stiffness. What can I say lawyers and worst case scenario! I give you this example because many of us believe that we are stuck where we are for a number of reasons, when it really is not the case. My decision to change came about after a 29 year legal career and at the age of 46. You to can follow your dreams and find viable alternatives to law.


Wishing you every success in finding your viable alternative to law.

Mark Ford

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